Integrate WebEDI with ANY ERP

With Holidays around the corner sales will see a drastic increase. Suppliers need the ability to quickly fulfill orders. To achieve business efficiency suppliers are turning to electronic data interchange. Or as we call it, WebEDI.  WebEDI we refer to as the foundation that allows for easily transacting with trading partners. Within minutes of receiving a purchase order (EDI 850) an advanced shipment notice (EDI 856) is sent, UCC-128 shipping labels are ready on the boxes for shipment, followed by submitting an invoice for payment. This process just takes a few clicks of your mouse.

Now let’s introduce STRATOS. For suppliers that have ERPs (or considering investing in an ERP), this is a great opportunity to automate the process between your WebEDI portal and your ERP. STRATOS offers the ability to outsource the full integration from your ERP to your vendor network which allows to automate all EDI transactions with minimal interaction.


How does this work? The details can be overwhelming but we are the EDI experts afterall. An overview of the STRATOS process that takes place between your ERP, DataTrans WebEDI (the foundation) and your trading partners can be seen above. With increased orders due to the season or due to business growth, suppliers are often seeking that solution to in turn focus on their business. STRATOS is that solution.

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Whether prepping for the Holidays or needing a more robust platform to support your business, STRATOS is the next step built off of your WebEDI platform. The real benefit of EDI is realized when it is setup to integrate into existing business processes and eliminates manual steps.

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