Integrate WebEDI with QuickBooks Enterprise

Turn to DataTrans to create a QuickBooks integrated solution. Quickbooks is a commonly used accounting system. EDI suppliers needed a solution that would decrease manual data entry and time to export/ import purchase orders and invoices from their EDI portal to QuickBooks and vice versa. DataTrans integration is tailored to QuickBooks users by establishing a direct link between DataTrans WebEDI and QuickBooks system.

This integration allows for purchase orders and invoices to flow from WebEDI to QuickBooks and QuickBooks to WebEDI. As seen above, 850 Purchase Orders will integrate as QuickBooks Sales Orders and QuickBooks Pending Sales will integrate as 810 Invoices in WebEDI.

The DataTrans logo will appear next to the purchase order or invoice indicating it has been successfully integrated to and from QuickBooks. In QuickBooks you will find the 850 and 810 documents under the Reports tab. For Enterprise users the documents will be shown as Sales Order and Pending Sale.

WebEDI QuickBooks users realize significant gains such as:

  • Minimizing time consuming, manual data entry
  • Reducing delays and charge-backs
  • Increasing productivity with fewer resources
  • Staying within EDI requirements while integrating WebEDI transactions with QuickBooks


DataTrans WebEDI QuickBooks Integrator was created to streamline the supply chain process while working from two different programs. This seamless integration fine tunes your current business processes freeing up more resources. Work smarter not harder.

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