Seamless Invoice Processing

When buyers require that suppliers use EDI, the solution should be integrated into business processes. DataTrans WebEDI connects external trading partners to your internal accounting programs such as Intuit’s QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. With WebEDI QuickBooks Integrator, purchase orders (EDI 850) flow in from buyers as sales orders and pending sales flow out to buyers as invoices (EDI 810). WebEDI provides all connections, translations, and tracking.

Benefits of using WebEDI QuickBooks Integrator:

  • Minimize time consuming data entry
  • Quickly and accurately process purchase orders and invoices
  • Increase productivity with fewer resources
  • Streamline the supply chain transaction process


DataTrans add-on creates a direct link with that combines WebEDI with QuickBooks. The purchase order (EDI 850) triggers the entire transaction process with important information that with any errors transcribing data between two different systems can result in pay discrepancies, quantity errors, items and prices. Create seamless order and invoice processing with DataTrans WebEDI QuickBooks Integrator.

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