Scalable EDI

With increased orders and everchanging demands of order fulfillment, buyers require supplier EDI compliance. As businesses expand, solutions are available that can support and streamline the supply chain process for suppliers. DataTrans’ scalable EDI solutions enable suppliers to timely and efficiently process orders and automate the entire process. With support for ERP, QuickBooks, FedEx, and UPS, DataTrans has you covered.

EDI Automation: ERP Integration

Automate the entire EDI transaction process with DataTrans ERP integrator that provides a seamless integrated EDI environment.

  • Process EDI if for example there is downtime with your ERP
  • Process the non-integrated EDI
  • View EDI process flow: trading partners → WebEDI → ERP and reverse
  • Email notifications for inbound messages
  • Email notifications for outbound data errors
  • Reports and real-time visibility of all transactions sent and received


Easily Manage the Transaction Process: QuickBooks Integration

Combine the power of QuickBooks and WebEDI with our QuickBooks Integrators. Compatible with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop: Pro, Premier and Enterprise. Our QuickBooks integrator establishes a direct connection for Purchase Orders (EDI 850) to flow into QuickBooks and pending sales to automatically flow out as Invoices (EDI 810) into WebEDI.


Streamline the Shipping Process: FedEx and UPS Integration

Save time, money and virtually eliminate manual data entry with our intuitive integrators. Our shipping integrators sync tracking numbers and auto-generate shipping labels.

FedEx Integration | DataTrans Fedex Integrator is designed to communicate directly with Fedex Web Service API, syncing tracking numbers from FedEx onto the ASNs in WebEDI. The shipping label is created in real-time and populates directly from your WebEDI portal. A backup copy is also emailed to the user.

UPS Integration | Because UPS does not support a direct API connection, DataTrans created functionality to send ASNs to UPS which generates and returns tracking numbers that are imported back into WebEDI.

The shipping integrators result in improved data accuracy and on-time delivery of shipments.


Order fulfillment is simpler with reliable, affordable, and scalable EDI solutions

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