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August has a lot going on. Summer is coming to an end with back-to-school shopping. Kids are returning to school and fall is right around the corner. This is the perfect time to tune your sales and operations plans. Suppliers can see tremendous growth with demand shaping.

“Demand shaping is the result of taking direct action to influence demand with the intention of increasing or decreasing sales of particular products, territories and so on to better fit management objectives, inventory availability or production plans” (Turbide). Take this opportunity to ensure plans are in place to a) maximize profit of back to school shopping and b) for fall and winter needs for gear, accessories, clothing, holiday foods, etc. It is estimated with back to school shopping this year, based on the National Retail Federation stats, spending will be $83.6 billion.

“As a part of a formal [sales and operations planning] process with appropriate measures and monthly updates included, demand shaping is elevated from a shoot from the hip intuitive approach to a real business tool that can be fine-tuned and applied strategically with specific targets that are intimately tied to corporate objectives” (Turbide). Demand shaping is one of many tools that help with supply chain planning.

Collaboration between purchasing, sales, and marketing will set action plans and attainable goals. Having the right products on the shelves that are competitively priced will in turn increase sales and overall growth. The question now becomes, how am I positioned to take advantage of the fall shopping season? Do I have the right tools to fulfill all of my orders?



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What is the role of demand shaping in supply chain planning?


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