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QuickBooks Desktop EDI Integration

QuickBooks Desktop EDI IntegrationConnect your QuickBooks Desktop with DataTrans WebEDI and create seamless order and invoice processing. QuickBooks Desktop EDI Integrator acts as a translation program between QB and WebEDI. Minimize data entry by integrating Purchase Orders (EDI 850) and Invoices (EDI 810) exchanged between suppliers and trading partners. The result is a very affordable, integrated EDI solution that is simple to use.



DataTrans QuickBooks Integrator is compatible with:

  • QuickBooks Pro
  • QuickBooks Premier
  • QuickBooks Enterprise




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DataTrans QuickBooks Integrator is an approved and preferred solution by Intuit QuickBooks. View more information about our Intuit QuickBooks App: QuickBooks Desktop App

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QuickBooks Desktop EDI Integration


QuickBooks Desktop EDI Integration

QuickBooks Desktop EDI Integration Benefits

Our QuickBooks Desktop Integrator establishes a direct connection for POs to go directly fro WebEDI to QuickBooks and Invoices from QuickBooks to WebEDI. These processes can be executed manually or schedule to run automatically. QuickBooks EDI integrator:

  • Minimizes time consuming data entry
  • Quickly and accurately processes POs and Invoices
  • Increases productivity with fewer resources
  • Streamlines the supply chain transaction process

QuickBooks Desktop EDI Integration


Supported document types include:

  • Purchase Order (EDI 850)
  • Invoice (EDI 810)

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