Optimize Business Flow this Spring Season!

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has changed the way retailers do business. Efficiency and accessibility are huge advantages.


EDI, Documents, Electronic Data Interchange

Electronic data interchange takes your basic paper documents and makes the process electronic, such as: Purchase Order, Advanced Shipment Notice, Invoice. Our technology allows a Purchase Order to convert to an Invoice with no need to re-enter data with just one click.

Instead of re-keying basic information with each document, you can customize each field allowing the data to populate each time you are sending a document to a trading partner. With each document, you can customize those fields to the corresponding trading partner. Error reduction and increase in productivity is a definite gain.


Cloud-based EDIWith our cloud-based software you can access from anywhere at any time. This is crucial in all of our lives. Instant access from any device with no need to download software.


Have your products to your trading partners faster and receive payments sooner. Seasons are always a great time to look for new opportunities and grow your business. With our EDI you can do just that. Happy Spring!


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