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How eCommerce Tools Can Change the Way You Do Business
Resources Blogs How eCommerce Tools Can Change the Way You Do Business

How eCommerce Tools Can Change the Way You Do Business

eCommerce EDI Tools

Focus on the core of your business by simplifying and automating processes like order management. Let us introduce you to DataTrans eCommerce tools.


WebEDI simplifies order processing from start to finish for all industries. Key features include:

  • Automatic email alerts that notify you when you’ve received new documents in your WebEDI inbox
  • Notifications of coming due or past due documents that need to be addressed
  • Ability to sort inbox by unread vs. read, trading partner, document type, etc.
  • Customized document defaults prepopulate information in corresponding fields eliminating manual data entry
  • Smart filters automatically pull documents into the corresponding folder for specific criteria set by user
  • Built-in reporting and real-time data analytics of all transactions
  • Easily connect to all your trading partners via a single WebEDI portal
  • UCC/SSCC-128 shipping labels easily generated from the ASN (EDI 856)

Drop Ship

Our Drop Ship Program is great for direct-to-consumer fulfillment and provides a direct relationship with both the retailer, your trading partner, and the online consumer. Speed from point of sale to delivery of goods along with status shipment updates and tracking number is key to a happy consumer and good online reviews. Speed, response, tracking, and timely delivery of orders strengthen loyalty and create return customers. DataTrans shipping integrators allows you to efficiently provide the tracking number to all parties involved.


Shipping Integrators

Shipping integrators such as ShipStation, FedEx and UPS save time, money, and virtually eliminate manual data entry between two separate portals. Tracking numbers are automatically added to the ASN (EDI 856) reducing any manual errors. This tracking number is sent back to the retailer and consumer and your shipping labels are auto-generated within the WebEDI portal. After shipping, DataTrans has you covered with another great eCommerce tool.


QuickBooks Integration

Easily streamline the invoicing process with QuickBooks EDI Integrator. The integrator automates orders (EDI 850) and invoices (EDI 810) by connecting the two systems. EDI documents seamlessly flow between WebEDI and QuickBooks reducing time and labor and improving accuracy and detailed reporting capabilities.


ERP Integration

Fully automate processes by seamlessly integrating WebEDI with any ERP. Our ERP integrator, known as Stratos, is the most robust, automated, and fully integrated EDI solution.


Leverage DataTrans eCommerce tools to enhance efficiency, simplify order processing, and increase productivity. Contact us today to learn more about our eCommerce tools.