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DataTrans adheres to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) standards for claims processing enabling healthcare organizations, payers and clearinghouses improve efficiency. DataTrans empowers our users to operate at peak efficiency with our cloud-based EDI & eCommerce solutions. Healthcare HIPAA claims can be utilized for healthcare service providers to payers, intermediary billers or claims clearinghouses. DataTrans tailored healthcare eCommerce solutions allow for customizable programs that align with your specific needs. All of our eCommerce products and services provide extremely reliable, secure and affordable methods for healthcare HIPAA claims.

 Healthcare EDI Claims Features & Benefits

  • Improves accuracy of information exchanged, improving the quality of healthcare delivery and its supporting process
  • Enhances information to all healthcare participants as appropriate
  • Identifies submission errors immediately and prevents processing delays
  • Send and receive accurate information faster
  • Ensures accurate, secure, reliable claims processing
  • Automates your supply chain by seamlessly integrating into your internal business processes
  • 997 Functional Acknowledgement included in program
  • Simple, intuitive user-interface requires no proprietary software or technical expertise
  • Automatic notifications indicate when new documents have arrived in your WebEDI

Types of EDI Healthcare Claims

  • EDI 837 Healthcare Claim Transaction
  • EDI 835 Healthcare Claim Payment/ Advice
  • EDI 834 Benefit Enrollment & Maintenance
  • EDI 820 Payment Order/ Remittance Advice
  • EDI 270 Healthcare Eligibility/ Benefit Inquiry
  • EDI 271 Healthcare Eligibility/ Benefit Response
  • EDI 276 Healthcare Claim Status Request
  • EDI 277 Healthcare Claim Status Notification
  • EDI 278 Healthcare Service Review Information

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DataTrans empowers healthcare service providers, insurance payers, and claims clearinghouses operate at peak efficiency with our cloud-based EDI & eCommerce solutions for Healthcare Claims Processing. Contact us to learn more.

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