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Happy Black Friday Eve Retail Customers!
Resources Blogs Happy Black Friday Eve Retail Customers!

Happy Black Friday Eve Retail Customers!

Happy Black Friday Eve Retail Customers!

Over the coming weeks, our Retail Customers will be making up a significant portion of their annual sales and we here at DataTrans Solutions are very thankful for the opportunity to support them through this important time of year.

Right before the Holiday hustle-and-bustle goes into high gear, we all get to gather with our loved ones, eat way too much great food and – like all normal families, I am sure – we are “asked” to make a list of all the things we’re thankful for – and then sit patiently as everyone shares their list, at the dinner table, as the mashed potatoes grow cold.

So, in the spirit of the Holiday, since we are EDI nerds, here is a list of The Top Five Reasons to be Thankful… for EDI integration!

    1. It Minimizes Data Entry. Without EDI integration, all purchase orders must be re-keyed into your back-end systems. Whether it’s a sophisticated ERP solution or an internal accounting package, integrating your EDI reduces much of this data-entry saving you time and eliminating costly charge-backs due to human error.
    1. Data Validation. Speaking of charge-backs, if you have had to pay them, you can be thankful for Data Validation. Immediate notification of errors or exceptions and the ability to identify issues before they become problems is almost as satisfying as a half-time 3rd helping.
    1. Improved Accuracy. Integrating your EDI means fewer “cooks in the kitchen” providing less opportunity for mistakes. Fewer mistakes means less time spent fixing those mistakes! We all want to leave early on Wednesday and join our families for the Holiday festivities. But if you’re stuck in the office researching EDI errors, someone else is going to get the drum-stick. That’s your drum-stick. You work hard all year for that drum-stick. It’s practically family tradition, TYLER!
      EDI integration keeps families together.
    1. Better Relationships. Integrating your EDI means forging stronger partnerships with your Buyers. A reliable, integrated EDI solution helps build stable relationships that ensure repeat business. Let us all consider building better and stronger relationships as we gather together this post-election season.
  1. Black Friday! The National Retail Federation predicts an increase in Holiday sales of 3.6% over last year. That’s something to be thankful for. And if you are a supplier for a major retailer, for all the reasons above and more, EDI integration just makes your life merrier.

DataTrans Solutions wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving with a Special Shout-out of Thanks to all our Retail Customers.
May you all have a happy, healthy and profitable Holiday Season!