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  • All-in-one EDI software, the only EDI service provider you’ll ever need
  • Connects you with your entire network, any trading partner
  • Supports your business processes by integrating with any application
  • 24/7 system monitoring, live support team
  • All the features you need within a powerful cloud-based portal, WebEDI

EDI Software

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DataTrans provides the most affordable EDI software that supports small companies to large corporations with our scalable cloud-based portal. Efficiently manage activity and fulfill orders with WebEDI.


WebEDI is a complete software solution that allows users to connect to any trading partner, process orders with intuitive features, maintain 100% compliance and integrate with your business processes. DataTrans EDI integration software allows users to seamlessly integrate with their applications such as shipping services, accounting programs, ERPs or warehouse management systems. How does it work? Simple, view our video & get started today.

EDI Software Comparison

Choosing EDI software is often a daunting task for companies. Many companies become familiar with EDI only after being informed by a major trading partner the need to be EDI compliant. While searching for the best fit for your company, a few questions arise: which trading partners do I need to do EDI with? What EDI transactions will the trading partner require? What is my monthly volume? Will I be integrating into an existing system? Can the EDI software scale and handle large transaction volume? Can I ship to store/warehouse and drop ship? Is there training and support? What are the EDI software setup costs? What is the monthly EDI software pricing?

The Best EDI Software Company, DataTrans Solutions

Look no further, find all the features & solutions you need with WebEDI

  • Simple & Easy to use cloud-based portal, no EDI training or technical expertise required. Maximize the value of EDI with WebEDI. WebEDI is a user-friendly platform connecting users to their entire network. Process orders whether direct-to-store/warehouse or DSV/drop ship. Simple and cost-effective way to become EDI capable.


  • Complete Solution allows users to seamlessly manage activity, process and fulfill orders all within WebEDI. Create EDI response documents with our intuitive web forms. UCC-128 shipping labels, packing slips, BOLs and shipping documents included at no additional cost.


  • Scalable EDI Software Integration proven & robust integration. Integrate WebEDI with any application. WebEDI scales as your business evolves by integrating with your business systems allowing you to simplify, streamline & automate processes. Ship in no-time with our shipping integrators: FedEx, ShipStation or UPS. Combine the power of WebEDI with QuickBooks. Simplify order-to-invoice processing with QuickBooks integration. Completely automate processes by integrating with any application, ERP, MRP, TMS or warehouse management system.


  • Easy EDI Setup & Trading Partner Compliance connect with your entire network & maintain 100% compliance with all of your trading partners. DataTrans adheres to trading partners’ EDI specifications ensuring users are always in compliance and includes all of the required EDI transaction sets.


  • Affordable EDI Software Pricing lower setup costs & monthly fees. Special drop ship rates for eCommerce vendors. No contract, just month to month & no hidden fees. DataTrans is the only all-in-one affordable EDI software available with a feature rich portal simplifying EDI processing for users.


  • Live Support all of our operations are based in the United States. We do not outsource support or any other aspect of our company’s operations. DataTrans live phone support team and weekly training sessions are just a phone call away, no automated system or wait queues.


  • 24/7 System Monitoring & Reliability maximum up-time, fully redundant architecture eliminates interruptions. Access WebEDI anytime from anywhere with an internet connection.
EDI Software, EDI Software Cost, EDI Software Company, Affordable EDI Software, EDI Software Pricing

“DataTrans has done an amazing job streamlining all communication with our customers. It has taken our company to the next level. Wonderful customer service, and very responsive to all of our needs. Would highly recommend!”

-Brittany Kennedy, D&N Bending

Easily Connect with Trading Partners

Become EDI capable & compliant with all your trading partners

DataTrans is the leading EDI software company that maintains thousands of connections with retailers, grocers, OEMs and trading partners allowing you to connect to all your entire network. We are constantly adding new companies to our network and try to keep this list as current as possible.


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