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EDI Outsourcing - Managed EDI Services

EDI Outsourcing - Outsource EDI Services

Easy EDI Outsourcing

What is EDI Outsourcing?

EDI Outsourcing, also known as outsourcing electronic data interchange or EDI data management solution, is designed to enable companies to communicate business data electronically. Outsourcing EDI allows your company to focus on your business while a team of specialists manage your EDI environment.

"Outsource EDI" refers to any type of EDI solution where an EDI service provider handles the translation, communication, infraststructure, technology, EDI specifications and data for you. 

Why do companies outsource EDI?

A managed service provider is the outsourcing of EDI to a third-party provider. Companies outsource EDI to focus on what they do best, their business. By partnering with DataTrans Solutions, eliminate the need to implement and manage an EDI program. As companies are now looking to connect to retailers and trading partners, maintain compliance, easily scale and integrate with their applications, outsourcing EDI to DataTrans allows for simplified, streamlined and automated fulfillment and operations. 

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EDI Outsourcing Made Easy with WebEDI

See how simple we make EDI for easy fulfillment, unlimited connectivity & scalability.

EDI Outsourcing, Outsource EDI, EDI Outsourcing Managed Service

ALL-in-one solution

lower monthly fees

Special drop ship rates

live phone support

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Unlimited Connectivity & Scalability

 Discover the benefits of outsourcing your EDI to DataTrans

All-In-One Solution

Partner with DataTrans, the industry's leading EDI Service Provider serving small companies, midsized businesses to large corporations enabling customer success with unlimited connectivity, multichannel solutions, workflow automation & business intelligence. Discover why thousands of companies choose, trust and depend on DataTrans. 

EDI Outsourcing, Outsource EDI, EDI Outsourcing Managed Service

EDI Outsourcing, Outsource EDI, EDI Outsourcing Managed Service
Affordable, Easy to Use & Increased Efficiency
  • DataTrans provides affordable and easy to use EDI and eCommerce solutions further simplifying processes for easy fulfillment
  • Month-to-month, only pay for what you use
  • Rapid setup and intuitive interface to begin exchanging EDI quickly
  • Affordable, simple, easy to use, scalable cloud-based WebEDI portal
  • Enhance efficiency, improve communication and accuracy of data exchanged
  • Eliminate manual entry, errors, delays and chargebacks with WebEDI
  • In-depth reporting and fulfillment dashboards for real-time visibility

Unlimited Connectivity & Compliance
  • Connect to all your retailers, eCommerce partners and trading partners through a single platform, WebEDI
  • Get 100% EDI compliant with your entire network
  • A turnkey solution preconfigured to comply with trading partners’ EDI specifications for full  EDI compliance
EDI Outsourcing, Outsource EDI, EDI Outsourcing Managed Service

EDI Outsourcing, Outsource EDI, EDI Outsourcing Managed Service
Scalable Portal, Integration & Workflow Automation

Reliable, 24/7 System Monitoring & Live Support
  • Live U.S.-based support team just a phone call or email away 
  • 24/7 system monitoring, fully redundant architecture eliminates interruptions, all you need is an internet connection to access
  • Weekly training sessions
EDI Outsourcing, Outsource EDI, EDI Outsourcing Managed Service
Voted #1 EDI & eCommerce Service Provider

Outsource your EDI with the best service provider

EDI Outsourcing, Outsource EDI, EDI Outsourcing Managed Service

EDI Outsourcing vs In-House EDI

To understand the benefits of EDI outsourcing, you also need to understand the various EDI options available to you and your business:



In-House EDI

In-House EDI requires that you manage the EDI operations which includes IT resources, costs associated with hosting your own servers and hardware, setup and ongoing costs for licensing, technology, security, routine maintence and additional expenses of hiring in-house experts.

Generally, In-House EDI is pre-purchased software that is hosted, managed, and operated via internal resources. In-House EDI typically has high costs during both the set-up process, and for ongoing license fees. On top of this, In-House EDI requires full-time technical support, further increasing both monetary and operational costs.

Outsourced EDI

Outsourced EDI: Full outsourced EDI solutions involve a third-party organization that provides a full suite of EDI software and services. Outsourced EDI providers typically require less initial and ongoing cost, with slightly less customizability when compared to In-House EDI.

When choosing an outsourced solution, the provider, will take responsibility for all necessary set up procedures and software like the software itself, EDI mapping, licenses, maintenance contracts, and of course all the technical resources that come with it.

EDI Outsourcing also ensures highly accurate and secure data, which is important when hundreds of orders are transmitted on a regular basis. Consistent EDI compliance is also extremely important in avoiding costly chargebacks. Working with an EDI provider can help you remain compliant with all your retailers, even when their requirements change.

Working with an EDI provider gives you access to experts within the EDI world. We at DataTrans have been working in the EDI business for over 20 years and can provide you with the resources you need to become EDI capable.

By outsourcing EDI, gain access to DataTrans cloud-based EDI and eCommerce WebEDI, unlimited connectivity and scalability, affordable, and easy to use. 

  • Access to top rated, best in class solutions and live U.S. based support team
  • Affordable, simple, easy to use, scalable cloud-based EDI and eCommerce solutions
  • Allows you to become EDI capable & compliant with your entire network
  • Scales as your business evolves by integrating with ANY application, shipping service, accounting program, eCommerce marketplace, WMS, 3PL, ERP, API connection and more
  • Connect, integrate, automate and expand with DataTrans
8 Things to Consider when Choosing an EDI Solution

Outsourcing EDI can be a daunting undertaking for many companies, especially those who have little to no EDI experience. DataTrans put together a free guide to help ease your search in finding the best EDI service option.

Connect With ANY Trading Partner

DataTrans is the leading EDI provider that maintains connections with thousands of companies allowing users to easily manage activity within our cloud-based EDI portal, WebEDI. We are constantly adding new companies to our network and we try to keep this list as current as possible. View a few of our trading partners below. For more information select below to find your trading partner and connect today.

Amazon EDI            HEB EDI     Home Depot EDI     Target EDI     Tractor Supply EDI     Walmart EDI

Find your trading partner

Easily integrate with any shipping service, accounting program, eCommerce solution, ERP, 3PL, WMS, API connection and more.

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DataTrans is the industry's most trusted EDI and eCommerce service provider. We take pride in providing live, responsive, knowledgeable U.S.-based support. DataTrans acts as an extension of your company, your very own EDI department helping you connect, automate and expand your business. Learn more about DataTrans, read our reviews & get started today.

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