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Attention all Global Shop users, connect with the ERP experts of Global Shop that help your business run. As Global Shop Solutions’ most trusted EDI partner, we’re proud to be a sponsor for the upcoming virtual event. 

When: October 20th-October 23rd

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Global Shop Solutions EDI

Global Shop Solutions EDI, Global Shop EDI, EDI for Global Shop

Streamline, Simplify & Automate Manufacturing Operations

  • Gain efficiencies with enhanced order fulfillment and automated EDI processing
  • Improve accuracy of information exchanged and on-time delivery
  • Quicker response time for customers, trading partners and OEMs
  • Drive down costs by eliminating manual processing
  • Maintain EDI compliance with your entire network
  • Save time and labor with automatic transmission of documents

DataTrans Solutions and Global Shop Solutions have worked together to successfully create a preconfigured, custom adapter which is designed to connect DataTrans’ cloud-based EDI environment with Global Shop ERP system providing a fully integrated EDI solution. Get started today with DataTrans for a faster, more reliable and efficient EDI implementation that flows seamlessly into Global Shop ERP.

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Global Shop Solutions’ Most Trusted EDI Partner

Over the course of our partnership, DataTrans has developed a specific process for Global Shop integrations. Increase efficiency, reduce the order to cash cycle and easily manage activity. Leverage two powerful systems: DataTrans Solutions WebEDI and Global Shop Solutions ERP.

Seamless  Global Shop EDI Integration

  • Improve and automate operations
  • Proven and robust integration methodology
  • Easily manage EDI data and process flow visibility
  • Email notifications on inbound messages
  • Error messages of outbound data
  • Process non-integrated EDI when necessary
  • Expand your EDI capabilities

Ease of Use

The flow of EDI data is managed by DataTrans WebEDI. Inbound orders are easily imported within Global Shop ERP. Outbound data is automatically sent back to trading partners and OEMs. EDI made simple with DataTrans as your partner.

Integration Process Flow

DataTrans hosted, integrated solution is perfect for companies requiring a more robust and fully automated EDI solution with WebEDI portal access and management tools. Our universal adapter, known as STRATOS provides a manageable and cost effective integrated EDI solution.

  • Affordable, reliable integrated EDI solution maximizing Global Shop ERP
  • Proven and robust integration methodology
  • Email notifications
  • Access to WebEDI portal
  • Leverage reporting capabilities
  • Redundant EDI environment
  • Scalability
  • B2B or A2A integrations

Global Shop Solutions EDI, Global Shop EDI, EDI for Global Shop Solutions

“DataTrans has done an amazing job streamlining all communication with our customers. It has take our company to the next level. Wonderful customer service, and very responsive to all of our needs. Would highly recommend!”

-D&N Bending

Global Shop EDI Transactions

*EDI documents are subject to change

Learn more about how to simplify your shop floor with DataTrans EDI and Global Shop Solutions ERP. Download Global Shop Solutions white paper.

Global Shop EDI, Global Shop Solutions EDI, EDI for Global Shop


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