Dick’s Sporting Goods EDI

Easy EDI Compliance with Dick’s Sporting Goods

Become EDI capable quickly with Dick’s Sporting Goods. WebEDI equips users with a simple, secure and affordable solution for becoming EDI compliant and capable quickly with Dick’s Sporting Goods.  Whether you are new to EDI or have years of experience, DataTrans WebEDI provides an intuitive and powerful solution for addressing all of your EDI requirements. DataTrans acts as your very own EDI department and adheres to Dick’s Sporting Goods’ EDI requirements. We ensure you are always in compliance with not only Dick’s Sporting Goods but all of your trading partners.

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Dick's Sportings Goods EDI, Dick's Sportings Goods EDI Compliance, EDI for Dick's Sportings Goods

Dick's Sporting Goods EDI, Dick's Sporting Goods EDI Compliance

Integrate with ANY application

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Dick’s Sporting Goods EDI Compliance

Required EDI transactions for Dick’s Sporting Goods include:

  • (EDI 850) Purchase Order
  • (EDI 856) Advance Shipment Notice
  • (EDI 810) Invoice
  • (EDI 204) Motor Carrier Load Tender
  • (EDI 210) Motor Carrier Freight Details Invoice
  • (EDI 214) Transportation Carrier Shipment Status
  • (EDI 990) Response to a Load Tender

*Required EDI transactions are subject to change by Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick's Sporting Goods EDI, Dick's Sporting Goods EDI Compliance, EDI for Dick's Sporting Goods

Dick's Sportings Goods EDI, Dick's Sportings Goods EDI Compliance, EDI for Dick's Sportings Goods

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Join our network with Dick’s Sporting Goods & easily add connections with any trading partner.

Quickly become EDI capable with your entire network.

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