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Brookshire Brothers EDI

Brookshire Brothers EDI, Brookshire Brothers, EDI, WebEDIDataTrans WebEDI equips it’s users with a simple, secure and cost-effective solution for becoming EDI capable quickly with Brookshire Brothers.  Whether you are new to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or have years of experience, DataTrans WebEDI provides an intuitive and powerful solution for addressing all of your EDI requirements. Transact with all your trading partners with DataTrans WebEDI.

Brookshire Brothers required EDI documents include:
  • 875 Grocery Products Purchase Order
  • 880 Grocery Products Invoice

*Required EDI documents for Brookshire Brothers are subject to change

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Brookshire Brothers EDI, EDI

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WebEDI Features & Benefits

  • Cost-effective, tier-based subscription service.
  • Simple & intuitive user-interface requires no proprietary software or technical expertise.
  • Connects to all your Trading Partners using a single, web-based portal.
  • Automates your supply-chain by seamlessly integrating with commonly-used ERP systems, accounting packages and shipping service APIs such as FedEx or UPS.
  • Cloud-based infrastructure provides full access to any required EDI document from any location with an Internet connection.
  • Automatic email alerts indicate when new EDI documents have arrived in your WebEDI inbox.
  • Customized document defaults minimize rekeying of data saving time and reducing costly errors.
  • Catalog Management System simplify order processing and automate the 856 Advanced Ship Notice with AutoPack Feature.
  • UCC-128 shipping labels provided free of charge.
  • Smart Filters organize documents based on specific criteria set by user.
  • Specific permission sets provide control over access to data and response documents.
  • Cross-platform: Works great on both Mac and PC on your choice of browser.

Brookshire Brothers EDI, Brookshire Brothers, EDI, WebEDI

*Shown with optional Quickbooks and Shipping Service API Integration. Only 850 POs and 810 Invoices are shown. All EDI documents can be supported.

Brookshire Brothers EDI, Brookshire Brothers, EDI, WebEDI