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EDI Basics

EDI Basics

You just signed a deal with a retailer to get your product on the shelves both in-stores and online. They are requiring you become EDI compliant. Why are they asking for this? What do you need to know about EDI? How should you proceed? Find all your answers with DataTrans Solutions. 


What is EDI?

Electronic Data Interchange, EDI, is computer-to-computer communications and transmission of business information in a standard and structured format. Let’s apply this to your scenario and use Walmart as your trading partner: Walmart sends you a PO (EDI 850), you respond with Purchase Order Acknowledgement (EDI 855), when ready to ship you send an Advance Shipment Notice (EDI 856). EDI automates the flow of business information between organizations and shortens the order processing life cycle. Data in a standard, structured format is translated into information that is understood by different systems used by organizations, such as you the supplier and Walmart as the buyer.

Why is EDI required?

EDI ensures compliance of your trading partners’ specifications. The specifications and required EDI documents vary based on the trading partner. EDI streamlines business processes for both buyer and supplier.

  • Minimizes data entry
  • Eliminates expense of manual steps
  • Increases efficiency of communication and relationship with partners
  • Improves response time
  • Eliminates errors and submission of inaccurate data
  • Integrates with internal processes increasing overall efficiency


How do you become EDI compliant?

Look no further. Become EDI compliant with DataTrans cloud-based EDI and eCommerce solutions. DataTrans acts as your EDI agent or EDI department so you can better focus on internal operations.  What should you expect after signing up? Within 1 business day an EDI analyst will be assigned to your project. Your EDI analyst will test directly with your trading partner. Once testing is completed, you will be in production and will be EDI capable and compliant.

All of our solutions are scalable to support your company as you grow. Focus on the core of your business by simplifying and automating processes like order management. Let us introduce you to DataTrans eCommerce tools: How eCommerce Tools Can Change the Way You Do Business.


For more information about EDI, read more with DataTrans EDI Guide: What is EDI?

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