EDI 856 Advance Shipping Notice (ASN)

EDI 856, EDI 856 ASN, EDI 856 Advance Shipping Notice, EDI 856 Transaction, 856 Manifest

An advance shipping notice (also known as EDI 856, EDI ASN, advance shipment notice, 856 manifest or DESADV/dispatch advice message) is an EDI document providing details of your shipment. Key elements in the 856 manifest include: tracking number, carrier information, delivery date/time, order/product details and units shipped. The EDI 856 ASN is one of the most common EDI transactions used for retailers, eCommerce/dropship, OEMs and trading partners.

EDI 856, EDI 856 ASN, EDI 856 Advance Shipping Notice, 856 Manifest

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How 856 ASNs & Barcode Labels Work Together

UCC-128 barcode shipping labels are generated from the EDI ASN manifest. The UCC-128 is a tracking number placed on the carton. The EDI 856 transaction and UCC-128 barcode label automate processes for the receiving end providing greater visibility, tracking, planning and product reconciliation.

UCC-128 labels differ from FedEx, UPS or other carrier labels. FedEx/UPS label delivers the carton from door to the DC’s receiving dock while the UCC-128 label delivers the carton from the receiving dock to the store and/or catalog center’s inventory bin.

Key Data Elements Included in an EDI ASN

  • Purchase Order (EDI 850) number
  • EDI ASN reference number
  • Carrier’s tracking number and routing details.
  • Ship-to/Ship-from locations
  • Date/time of shipment or estimated deliver
  • Order description and unit quantities

What is WebEDI?

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Advance Shipment Notice Packing Structure

856 ASN envelope information contains the sender’s ID, receiver’s ID and the document’s date/time stamp. The ASN packing structure is most commonly organized by SOTPI known as Shipment, Order, Tare, Pack and Item.


Other common packing structures can include:

  • SOPI: Ship, Order, Pack, Item
  • SOTP: Ship, Order, Tare, Pack
  • SOTI: Ship, Order, Tare Item
  • SOI: Ship, Order, Item

Other Common X12 EDI Transactions


997 Functional Acknowledgement

997 Functional Acknowledgement (also known as CONTRL) provides confirmation the EDI 856 advance shipping notice was received by the end-user. This document is automatically sent by the receiving system and will provide the status of your transmitted information, but does not note if the receiver has read or accepted your document.  The 997 is only a confirmation of the document delivery status. Within DataTrans WebEDI, users can view all sent documents as well as their status. We provide this as a complimentary service to our customers.


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