EDI 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement

An EDI 855 is a purchase order acknowledgement (also known as EDIFACT ORDRSP or X12 EDI 855). The EDI 855 purchase order acknowledgement is as the name implies, a confirmation to the buyer the purchase order has been received by the supplier. The EDI 855 also indicates to the retailer/buyer if the supplier acknowledged the purchase order in full or if there are any changes.

EDI 855 Format

EDI 855 Format Example

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EDI 855 Format

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Benefits of EDI 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement: For Buyers & Sellers

For Retailers/Buyers:

    ✔ Automates and provides real-time visibility
    ✔ Provides suppliers’ order product fulfillment status and sets order expectation
    ✔ Confirms eCommerce order details if drop ship to the online shopper

For Suppliers/Sellers:

    ✔ Improves efficiency by acknowledging the purchase order and sets the order expectation
    ✔ Reduces manual data entry, errors and any discrepancies
    ✔ Provides line item status details if accepted, rejected, price change, partial shipment and so on

What is WebEDI?

The Basics of WebEDI

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Key Data of EDI 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement

EDI 855 document key data elements include: 

  • Purchase order number
  • Purchase order acknowledgement type such as acknowledged detail with no change or acknowledged with change
  • Purchase order date
  • Vendor number
  • Line item acknowledgement status such as item accepted, backordered, rejected, date rescheduled, partial shipment, etc.
  • Quantities, units of measure, pricing and totals
  • Current schedule delivery date/time

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