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DataTrans Solutions provides a broad range of quality EDI and B2B solutions designed to enable companies to communicate business data electronically. Whether you are a small company looking for a simple web-based EDI solution or a larger corporation searching for a reliable new EDI system, DataTrans has the right solution.

All of our products and services provide extremely reliable and affordable methods of connecting to trading partners, transforming data, and integrating into existing business processes. DataTrans Solutions can help you improve operational efficiency and address your specific IT requirements. Look to DataTrans for the most comprehensive and reliable EDI and B2B solutions on the market.

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8 Things to Consider

Before Choosing an EDI System

Includes information about:

• The costs associated with a new setup, including avoiding hidden costs.

• Questions to ask potential EDI providers.

• Criteria to evaluate EDI systems on. 


Enable EDI Across Your Supply ChainOur cloud-based EDI solution provides rules and validation to ensure EDI compliance with your supply chain and other partners. WebEDI is a reliable, cloud-based environment only requiring internet access to use, no software to download, and can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere in the world.


Are you a GPO, hospital or medical co-operative that needs to streamline and automate your supply chain? Are you tired of the innefficiencies, manual requirements and the associated costs that come with dealing with thousands of vendors? DataTrans provides a suite of solutions targeted to enhance the efficiency of your supply chain.

Vendor On-Boarding

Maximize Efficiencies
DataTrans assists large companies with on-boarding their networks of thousands of suppliers into one cohesive integrated supply chain. This maximizes the efficiencies of all parties connected while minimizing costs as well as human intervention and errors.


Our hosted, integrated solution for companies requiring a more robust, automated supply chain solution. STRATOS provides a manageable and cost effective integrated EDI solution.


Extensive dashboards allow immediate snapshots of your supply chain and vendor relations. We can even provide you the ability to look for discrepancies by document type, by vendor and by date.


We offer custom adapters for today's leading ERP and accounting software suites as well as FedEx and UPS shipping integrators. Catapult your supply chain to new levels of efficiency and cost savings.

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Simplify Your Shop Floor


Today’s global manufacturing markets demand fast response times, lean shop floor operations and quality in every part. To help meet these customer demands, growing numbers of manufacturers are turning to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to facilitate simplified and seamless digital communications with customers, vendors and other business partners. 

Trading Partners

DataTrans maintains EDI connections with thousands of companies

We are constantly adding new companies to our network and we try
to keep this list as current as possible.

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