EDI Integration with DataNinja

  • Achieve workflow automation with DataTrans cloud-based EDI integration with DataNinja
  • Affordable, cloud-based, reliable EDI infrastructure with 24/7 system monitoring
  • Eliminate manual processing & reduce costs with automatic transmission of EDI documents

DataNinja EDI Integration

Automate operations by integrating DataTrans cloud-based EDI with DataNinja ERP. With DataTrans EDI integration efficiently fulfill orders by automating the exchange of business transactions such as purchase orders, invoices and other documents. DataTrans multichannel cloud-based EDI, WebEDI, integrates EDI with DataNinja to easily fulfill orders, enhance efficiency, gain complete visibility  into your operations, and connect to your trading partners.

DataNinja EDI, DataNinja EDI Integration

Benefits of DataNinja ERP EDI Integration

By integrating DataTrans EDI with DataNinja, automate daily operations and manufacturing.

Expand your EDI capabilities with DataTrans multichannel solution. 

✔ Easily process EDI orders, eliminate manual data entry and reduce costs with automatic transmission of documents.

✔ Improve accuracy of information exchanged and seamlessly fulfill orders for on-time delivery.

✔ Connect to warehouses, 3PLs, distributors, freight carriers, retailers, eCommerce marketplaces, drop ship, ship to DC, ship to store, cross dock and direct to store delivery.

✔ Maintain full EDI compliance with your network of trading partners and easily add connections with any retailer.

✔ Flexible solution allowing you to integrate core EDI documents into DataNinja and process non-critical EDI documents through WebEDI.

✔ Generate UCC-128 labels, BOLs, packing slips and other printable documents, included free of charge.

“DataTrans has done an amazing job streamlining all communication with our customers. It has taken our company to the next level. Wonderful customer service, and very responsive to all of our needs. Would highly recommend!”


-Brittany Kennedy 

EDI Solution for DataNinja ERP Process Flow

Automate day-to-day operations by connecting two cloud-based systems, DataTrans Solutions and DataNinja. As seen in the infographic, connect to your network of trading partners and integrate EDI transactions for automated workflow processing.

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Infographic of EDI Integration with DataNinja

Supported EDI documents for DataNinja include: 


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