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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

DataTrans Solutions cloud-based portal allows for easy access to our WebEDI platform to easily manage transactions and fulfill orders, available anywhere at any time using with an internet connection. For more information, select to read more about WebEDI.

Cloud Technology

Cloud-based technology has taken over the market. Large companies have adopted the cloud such as Apple iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive or Google Cloud. Customers use the cloud storage for their personal use such as photos and files which can be accessed from all devices. But now, cloud-based technology is being adopted for company use. Let’s review what the cloud is and why companies are choosing cloud-based technology, in doing so we will be highlighting articles from Investopedia and Harvard Business Review sponsored by Oracle.

The Cloud

To put it simply, as defined by Investopedia in the article Cloud Computing, “Cloud computing is a model for delivering information technology services in which resources are retrieved from the internet through web-based tools and applications rather than a direct connection to a server. Data and software packages are stored in servers; however, a cloud computing structure allows access to information as long as an electronic device has access to the web. This type of system allows employees to work remotely.”Accessibility is a definite positive when moving to cloud technology. Moreover, logging into access your account is simple with no need to download software, wait for installation, updates, etc. Instead, it is readily available and updates are done for you.

Benefits of the Cloud

Small companies to large corporations are changing to cloud-based due to another advantage: cost efficiency. As noted by Investopedia, “Companies may find that cloud computing allows them to reduce the cost of information management since they are not required to own servers and can use capacity leased from third parties.” The benefits are evident in Harvard Business Review Cloud Computing Comes of Age article research indicates the positive impact on companies who adopt cloud computing. Respondents have seen an increase when using the cloud in each of the following areas:

  • 64% increase in business agility
  • 59% increase in positive user experience
  • 54% increase in ability to analyze data/information
  • 53% increase in ability to act on data/information
  • 51% increase software reliability
  • 51% increase in software quality
  • 50% increase in the ability to innovate their business


Depending on the services you need, cloud-based solutions are an important asset to your business. For example, if employees need to share files or images, a good option would be a cloud drive like Dropbox or Office365. If EDI is needed, DataTrans is a great fit. Cloud-based technology is on the move. Now is the time to investigate what we can do for your company.


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