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9 Benefits of EDI Service Providers
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9 Benefits of EDI Service Providers

EDI service providers are third-party companies that offer options around fully managed EDI solutions for businesses. Choosing an EDI service provider may be a daunting task, but it is a big undertaking of who you choose to partner with, just as any other service, you need a seamless, affordable, easy to use solution that supports your business for success.

EDI service providers enable organizations to exchange business information in a standardized format, streamlining the procurement process, and improving operational efficiency and accuracy of data.

Below are 9 EDI provider benefits businesses with a growth mindset – such as eCommerce, retail, logistics, manufacturers, grocers, automotive, pharmaceutical and healthcare – should look for in companies that provide EDI as a service.


1. Increase connectivity & integration

An EDI service provider such as DataTrans Solutions, connects companies with retailers, eCommerce partners, grocers, manufacturers, trading partners and more on a single cloud-based platform, allowing access anytime, from anywhere with an internet connection to easily manage and fulfill orders. Regardless of the industry, connect with thousands of trading partners enabling you to streamline and simplify data exchange and increase efficiency with an all-in-one cloud EDI and eCommerce solution. As your business evolves, DataTrans scales with you by integrating with any application automating your EDI, eCommerce, and procurement processes.

EDI service providers, such as DataTrans Solutions, connects and integrates with:

2. Fully managed EDI

EDI solutions providers, like DataTrans Solutions, does all the work, offering quick and easy implementation and setup with your network of trading partners. As DataTrans adheres to trading partner EDI specifications and requirement, maintain full compliance. An intuitive interface helps businesses begin exchanging EDI immediately. Additionally, no new hires are needed to run a fully managed EDI program, saving money and time. DataTrans provides free training sessions to ensure you and your team are leveraging our feature rich cloud-based EDI and eCommerce platform for easy fulfillment.

3. Consistent pricing

With a third-party EDI service provider, businesses no longer need to pay for extra hardware or software licenses, or even maintenance fees. Instead, with volume-based processing, you’ll be able to anticipate your overhead costs by paying for EDI as a service. Meanwhile you’re getting all the traditional EDI provider benefits including reducing costs and expenses by eliminating manual processing of documents. DataTrans continues to be the industry’s leading and most trusted EDI service provider with an all-in-one, multichannel, affordable, scalable, and reliable solution. DataTrans provides better pricing with no long-term contract with solutions that support your business needs and requirements.

4. Scalable services

A good EDI solutions provider offers scalable solutions, growing in capabilities while lowering costs. This allows small businesses the ability to begin EDI services early in preparation for growth opportunities and then scale needed services as the business grows. It also means large corporations can expect EDI service providers to anticipate the needs of their larger company and have solutions in place, like DataTrans. DataTrans provides a turnkey solution with everything you need to quickly be EDI compliant and capable that scales integrating with any application and provides flexibility, customizable data integration solutions.

5. Supportive customer service

Selecting an EDI service provider that offers responsive customer service to help businesses is an important factor to consider. Reliable, 24/7 system monitoring and a live, U.S.-based support team, like DataTrans Solutions, are a must.

6. Proactive support of trading partner mapping

EDI service providers, such as DataTrans Solutions, automatically update required trading partner map specifications, ensuring EDI compliance at no additional cost. The most used EDI document types required by trading partners include, but not limited to:

7. Increased quality and efficiency

EDI services come with a full range of EDI provider strategies to increase the quality and efficiency of your business. With DataTrans as your EDI provider, these include EDI automation with an all-in-one WebEDI portal, that includes reporting and fulfillment dashboards offering real-time visibility, and features that allow for seamless fulfillment for on-time delivery with easy to print UCC-128 labels, BOLs, packing slips and other shipping documents.

8. Modernize EDI solutions

EDI service providers take EDI integrations to the next level by integrating hybrid environments and using APIs. As APIs are growing in popularity, although not replacing EDI, they work hand-in-hand complementing EDI. APIs allow businesses to move past point-to-point integrations to simplify the way they share information on their network. Using the cloud is a secure and reliable way for businesses to connect with any trading partner regardless of their systems and applications. 

9. Security

Information exchange in the cloud does not mean businesses lose ownership of their data. EDI service providers work to ensure all information transmitted is entirely secure.


Before choosing an EDI service provider, businesses should evaluate their unique needs, then assess the EDI service provider’s solutions, pricing options and customer reviews. Finally, meet with EDI service providers – ask for a product demonstration or check out their demo video and compare the data processing to your order fulfilment process– to make sure they meet the needs of your growing business. Any reputable EDI provider should be an agonistic resource to help answer your questions about EDI.


Why you should choose DataTrans Solutions as your EDI service provider:
  • All-In-One Multichannel Solution - Easy to use cloud-based EDI and eCommerce portal, WebEDI, making it that much easier to manage activity and fulfill orders for on-time delivery.
  • Turnkey Solution- Everything you need to quickly be EDI compliant with ANY trading partner anywhere in the world is included. All EDI document types are supported.
  • Easy - Web forms are fast and easy to use correctly, even with hundreds of transactions per month. Ready-to-print barcode labels are included.
  • No Software- You don't have to worry about installing, mapping, testing, upgrading, and troubleshooting software. All you need is internet access because WebEDI is cloud-based.
  • Scale- Interfaces to accounting, shipping, 3PL, warehouse, or other systems can be added at any time.
  • Proven - Experience with THOUSANDS of businesses, and our proven EDI solution enables us to implement your company with your customers quickly.
  • Better Pricing- With no monthly "plan" to choose, you always get the best price every month and with no long-term contract, you can opt-out at any time.
  • Live Support Team – Live U.S.-based support team available via phone, chat or email with 24/7 system monitoring.  


Reach out to the DataTrans team for a one-on-one consultation about how we can help your business connect, integrate, automate and expand.