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Retail EDI

Retail EDI

Regardless of the industry, DataTrans has the knowledge, expertise, and products to support your business and EDI needs. Although each industry generally has unique requirements related to the types of EDI messages, data communications methods and processes, DataTrans can provide your company with our “out of the box” or custom implementations to meet your individual needs.

Retail EDI & eCommerce Tools

Our EDI and eCommerce tools give companies involved in retail the ability to become EDI capable in a very short period of time. DataTrans cloud-based EDI, WebEDI, provides an immediate EDI solution requiring only access to the internet. No software to install and no other IT requirements. If you can use e-mail, you can use DataTrans WebEDI.


A complete EDI solution for Suppliers: simple, affordable, reliable, cloud-based. Minimize data entry, simplify order processing and increase productivity with a complete webEDI solution. Learn more about Supplier EDI Program tailored to support your company for all your EDI needs and requirements.


DataTrans specializes  in all aspects of EDI related solutions. Drop ship, also known as direct-to-consumer fulfillment, has taken e-commerce to another level.  How does drop ship work?  SimpleDrop Ship Program.

Retail EDIRetail EDI Documents

EDI documents and transactions vary based on trading partner requirements. The required EDI documents per trading partner will automatically appear in your WebEDI portal. Easily process and manage all of your EDI transactions from one simple, easy-to-use portal. A few of the most common retail EDI transactions include:

  • (EDI 850) Purchase Order
  • (EDI 855) Purchase Order Acknowledgement
  • (EDI 856) Advance Shipment Notice
  • (EDI 810) Invoice

Order Fulfillment Made Simple

Generate UCC/SSCC-128 shipping labels and maintain a product catalog within WebEDI. In addition DataTrans supports all of the major communications methods and maintains connections to hundreds of major retailers. If you have higher volume or are looking to integrate with internal business process easily do so with our integrators:

DataTrans has you covered for all of your retail EDI needs

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Retail EDIRetail EDIRetail EDI
Retail EDIRetail EDIRetail EDI
Retail EDIDrop Ship EDI, Drop ShipRetail EDI
Retail EDIRetail EDIRetail EDI
Retail EDIRetail EDIRetail EDI

Easily Add Connections

Once the retailer has issued a vendor number to you, DataTrans can connect your company with them via EDI.  Please contact us today for more information.






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Retail EDI

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