EDI with OM Main Street

You can become EDI capable with OM Main Street within one business day with DataTrans easy to use WebEDI program. The only requirement is that you have access to the internet…no software to maintain and no hardware requirements. Just one simple but comprehensive web-based solution to meet OM Main Street EDI requirements. This same WebEDI solution can also be used for any of your other trading partners. When you sign up for DataTrans WebEDI, you will have access to the web-based system that fulfills all of OM Main Street EDI requirements:
850Purchase Order
855Purchase Order Acknowledgment
856Advance Shipment Notice
We can also set up an automated email alert to let you know when new messages are in your WebEDI "Inbox". It is very easy and affordable to add on new trading partners to this system. This allows you to use the same simple WebEDI application for all of your EDI needs. The following are some screen shots of DataTrans WebEDI. Click an image to enlarge.
View Messages in your Inbox
Checking for new messages is as simple as checking for new e-mail. Simply enter your in-box and view or print new messages (in bold).
View, Print or respond
When a form is open, the user has multiple options to process the incoming message. This includes the ability to create various response messages with data from the original document.
Edit responses and send or save
The response document is populated with data from the original document. The user can then edit the response and save it for further changes or send it immediately to the trading partner.
DataTrans pricing structure is simple, straight-forward and very affordable. There is a low upfront cost to set up your WebEDI account and then a monthly fee based on the number of messages you use. The use of 997 (functional acknowledgments) UCC128 shipping labels is free. No annual fees, hidden fees, no long-term contracts…just one simple cost structure that is easy to understand gives you access to the most reliable web-based EDI application and DataTrans's excellent technical support. Please complete the form below to see a demo of WebEDI or request additional information.
DataTrans also provides EDI Software Solutions and our Hosted EDI (Integrated). So as your needs change over time, DataTrans can easily transition your company to a different type of EDI solution. With DataTrans you not only get a comprehensive solution to meet your immediate EDI requirements, but you also get a great technology partner to assist you with your B2B and EDI needs in the future. Contact DataTrans at 800-469-0877 or to find out more about how we can help with your EDI requirements for OM Main Street and your other requirements.

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* This web page is designed to inform users of the connections that DataTrans has established with Trading Partners. In no way does this imply an endorsement from the trading partner to utilize DataTrans services. It is strictly meant to provide information on the DataTrans network and connection capabilities.

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